Figuring everything out….

Hello everyone welcome to Navin’s-blogs. This is the last part of the story given earlier. If u still haven’t read it from the start go and read it right now. I dont know when will the next blog be. But I can say it’ll come out soon. So as promised everything will be revealed here.
I told everyone what we observed. We went round the city and it wasn’t just the road or the fields but it was completely the boundary of the town which got surrounded by the greenery. It was like the city was in the middle and was surrounded by the green fields all around. We have to accept what we saw.
But figuring out the situation was not the problem that was about to strike. We were living our lives normally because we had those resources which were neccesary. But what will happen when the food in our house runs out what will happen when the fuel in our vehicles run out. I saw the danger ahead. In a world where ours was the only city as far as sight went. I shared my concerns and we started using resources wisely. Including water and food. Our only option was to explore as far as we could. So everyday a team of 15-30 people went outside the city boundaries to further explore. It has been almost an year now since that incident happened. We discovered a river at some distance from our town. We took our water supplies from there. Made farms near the river caught fish there. Almost forgot what fans and television were. Threw out all the electric appliances and filled house with important things. No methods of communication were there so we have to just visit each other to relay a message. I know just one thing that none of it would have been possible without the teamwork of all the citizens. None of us were strangers any more. It went good for us hard, tough and tiresome but good.
But then something happened this morning. I was in the fields with some of my frnds and then someone said these words “Ever since we’ve been here, the earth has lost the sense of time.” For him those words were any other part of conversation but they sparkled something in my mind. Ever since we’ve been here the sun sets at 6:30 pm, it dawns at 9 am. There is immense heat in the month of December. Irregular whether patterns. Extreme rains. Fresh air. Clear skies. All these were there when humans were not on earth. Also there were many other observations like no human even far far away from town. Only abnormally large insects. Weird plants. All this pushed me towards a conclusion.
“”what if our whole city went back in time when no human ever existed.”” What if we are in a time when we are the only civilization which survives. It would explain everything. But what is the reason for such a leap in time. What could’ve been the reason for us to be here. Well those are some unanswered questions. For the time being we decided to support each other and keep the knowledge which we already have. There were so many questions in my mind and a lot of time to think about them. It was a perfect situation. I somewhat thanked whoever or whatever di it to us. We’ve learned the true meaning of humanity after this. So finally the answer was that we travelled back in time when no human existed when no technology existed and survived. This explained to me what were the limits of humanity.
So that was the last part of the story. Quite unexpected huh…. Thanks for being here. Visit again for the new one.ย 


Finally some rest….

Hello everyone welcome to Navin’s-blogs. Did u read my last two blogs?? If u haven’t then please go back and do because u won’t understand anything happening here. So this will the continuation of the followed story.
So as we were further getting ahead on the road everything seemed normal with it but not with the people around. They were all panicked and so were we after seeing it. The road was really broken. But that was not the only thing bothering us. I got out of the car and stood on the edge of the broken road. And I saw something really beautiful. There were vast plains of green land. It was all green until the horizon. I’ve like passed this place for a hundred times but I never saw this thing. I could remember really well what lied ahead a day before. It was supposed to the other part of the highway which lead to the neighboring city. But my eyes were saying something else. Those fields were really beautiful but how did that even got there. How could it be. Was the area around the city completely destroyed overnight. But there was no sign of any destruction inside the town. We were all confused how these green lands got there. At that moment we all knew something was wrong. Any ways after having a good look at that we started making our way back to the house. I remember the said standing on the edge. It felt so clean and fresh. The skies were so clear too. Anyways with confusion and panick we went back to our house. I explained everything to mumma and others . There was a sound out of somewhere. Luckily it wasn’t any more of a surprise that none of us had breakfast. So the sound was of our stomachs probably. Mumma made breakfast and we all had full. I remember the silence which spread across the dining table. It was already afternoon and we were tired enough. So we went to sleep thinking this strange dream will end when we wake up. I woke up at around 6 pm and the only thing I noticed was surprised faces again. Not to forget there was still a lot of heat which we had to handle without any electrical appliances. I decided to go survey the city even more tommorow as it was dark all over the city. The view of the sky was very beautiful. The sky was somewhat a lot more clearer than it used to be. The air was also so fresh. I could feel the change in the environment. Everything looked same but at that moment none of us could imagine what really has happened with us. The terrible situation which we were going to face was not seen by anyone. So we forgot our worries and went to sleep. The next day when I woke up, I went to one of my friends’S house to check on him. We hopped on to the bike and went to take the ride round the city. We roamed on the roads whole day in the killing sun arrived home at night. I didn’t think it was only us but there were a lot of people who finally knew what was happening here. I have to explain everyone what I could figure out of the observations. I started talking….
Hey everyone that was the end of the third part of the story. I realised that the parts were too short to catch on to the story so I increased the amount I write in every part. So did u like it or not. Mention in the comments and let me know ur views. And also in the next part I’ll reveal everything about it. Trust me there will be a tight turn so read the next one also. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

The day that could not be forgotten.

Hello everyone welcome to Navin’s-blogs. This will be the next part of the story introduced in the previous blog. Please read the previous one if u haven’t because that’s the start. Read ahead if u like the previous one and if you don’t then u might now…. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
So everything seemed normal. We thought it was a regular power cut and something must be wrong with the mobile towers or something. But it wasn’t like anything we expected. I remember it vividly. I was sitting in the verandah with kids from the neighborhood. When Gupta uncle came panicking in his bike. He crashed in front of our house. He was kinda confused and panicked. We all rushed towards him to ask what was wrong. (A little insight in Mr.Gupta is that he works outside the town so he has to leave early in the morning.) We calmed him down and he started to talk. Well not talk but blabber if I should mention. Something like “road”,”feild” and “trees”. I’ll sum up what he said. He was going out of the town and in the highway he saw a lot of afraid people rushing backwards but he went ahead. After some time he saw that the road was suddenly broken. Like for real broken. We thought that he was blabbering or something. But there were many others in the locality who observed the same. So I and my father along with some other people went to see for ourselves. What we saw comleptly shattered our hopes. It wasn’t just the broken highway but what lies ahead that surprised me even more. Standing on the edge of the broken road I saw…….
Hey everyone that was the second part of the story in the blog. So did u like it or not. Mention in the comments. The story will continue in the next one. So be there to read it fully. Thanku everyone

Something I cooked up….

Hello everyone welcome to Navin’s-blogs. I’m so glad to have u here it’s been a long time I know it I kinda lost interest in writing but still I’m back. Here is something I cooked up…
I don’t know how it tastes please tell me in the comments.
It was just like any other morning. Everyone woke up on time except for me. The fan in my room was not working. It was a power cut probably. I was up any way because of the heat. But it was really unusual for us to feel that much heat in the month of December. It was just yesterday when it was so cold that you can’t get out without a sweater. I left my bed and went out of my room. Mumma and Papa were sitting in the hall. I spoke to them about the power cut. Even they can’t remember when it happened. They said there was no electricity when they woke up. So I took the phone to call the electricity office to enquire. But the phone won’t show any network. It was not just with my phone but every other phone in the house. My parents said they’ve already tried calling but it won’t work because of the network problem. At this point of time I was pretty frustrated. I went out of the house to check on the neighborhood. But it was all same for them. Anyways our day continued the same until………
So this is the first part of the story… Believe me it isn’t anything like u have imagined right now. Read my next blog to get ahead. See ya later people.I know it’s too less to judge it but believe me it’s not what u think….๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Situations in which I can’t control myself.

Hello everyone welcome to Navin’s-blogs. I’m really happy to have you here. I didn’t release any blogs recently but I’ll make better and systematic ones now.

Now the kinda personality that’s I’ve developed recently, I am always cool and calm. And by cool and calm I mean my mouth is telling what my conscience dictates it to, having a healthy attitude and rarely feel the need to yell at anyone. But when I’m not like that I could be a little bit harsh and mean. I can’t dominate anyone physically but I surely can dominate people mentally. Not a lot of people have seen me like that because I don’t like to be seriously angry, but if you’ve then you’re really close to me and mean a lot to me because I only yell at the ones whom I care ’bout .

But sometimes even I get out of control and I do things I shouldn’t which I regret later ๐Ÿ˜•. Allow me to mention a few of em.

#1 Cleaning up – Well it’s kinda ironic that’s I don’t usually clean my space but when I do I don’t want anyone to mess with it. My room is clean cut a trash bag. If you wanna imagine how it looks, then think little room with two beds and a PC attached to one of them. Now put 15 books to the bed and the same to PC’s table. ๐Ÿ˜ข That’s how it looks. However I might keep it but when it comes to cleaning then I’m just mad. I don’t want any disturbance or I’ll literally get to my yelling mode. This one time I cleaned my shelf of books and decided to keep it just like that. I even scolded my brother for not keeping a book where it was supposed to be. But it lasted just till a week. So that counts in.

#2 Getting hurt – Only a few people have actually heard me yelling in pain. If I get injured in any part of the body that emotion is sure to come out really drastically. If you haven’t ever heard me screaming than wish that you never may. This one time for real I got my leg hurt and screamed so loud in public that a guy yelled at me and I was to my brother like “drive away from here!”

#3 Thinking – Thinking is not just a normal activity for me that people do 24-7 in their lifetime. For me thinking is a process of utter concentration and completely being lost in thoughts. If in any way I getting disturbed in this process then the results aren’t usually appreciable for me. I may get mad at people and lose the thought I was floating in.

#4 Laughing – This process is observed by almost all of my friends and teachers. If I find something really funny then I might laugh continually thinking about it. Now the joke needn’t to be a hilarious or funny one. It just happens within me that I laugh stupidly even at lame jokes. This situation is really awkward for me but I can’t help it. I just can’t stop laughing until I have enough.

Of course there are a lot more situations but for now this is pretty much it or this blog will be an essay. If you’re here for the first time read the rest of my blogs by scrolling ๐Ÿ‘‡. And because I don’t have a domain name of my own so please share this page with your friend because there’s always better to come. Thanks for reading till the last. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Types of friends we all have!

friends_forever.jpgGet ready to relate to yourself!ย 

Hello everyone welcome to Navin’s-blogs. I didn’t get any views on my last blog as expected. No problem coz I don’t think it was worth reading. Sorry to dissapoint you but I’llย  try my level best to make this blog a better one. It’s about types of friends we all have. So let’s start,ย 

#1 the hidden bestie – We all have this type of friend who is always having fun with you, always teasing you, insulting you in front of others but deep in your heart you know they’re your best friends. When you need them they will be there when you want to discuss something serious they are there for you. You probably gossip about everyone with him only. These friend really respect you from within but they’ll never show it in front of anyone. When you are with them you feel your importance. They knows your secrets like your crush, your habits, everything about your familyย  and the same goes over them.ย 

#2 the social butterfly – This type of friend is one of everyone’s favorite kid. He is so social and extroverted that he attracts every other guy around. He’s really good at talking. He’ll make you feel like you’re his bestย  friend and all. But believe me boy there are a lot like you. When they pick a fight you’re there for them but when you expect them by your side they aren’t there. In an argument all you need is them on your side and you already won the argument. You will never find them alone cuz everyone intends to be with them. If you’re the hidden bestie of this got then you’re really a good friend.ย 

#3 the unintentional needy – What’s that!ย  Only you’ve done the homework in the whole class then get ready to meet this friend. Whenever they need you they’re yours best friends. They may be slaughtering your day other times but now they’ll talk like your bestie. A very often trick they use is that when they talk they mention your specialty, your achievements to make you happy. They might even steal you from your true friends. I’ll advice you shouldn’t to be near then but also never refuse to help because that’s what makes you good. Let them shamelessly troll themselves. You know them for what they are.ย 

#4 the poker face – All groups of boys have this troll face guy who finds a way to turn everything into a joke. While they think they’re just having fun they’re actually being rude! Let’s be real you never wanna be in an argument with this guy. You also don’t want to discuss about yourself with him. Because you know once they start trolling you it’s your nightmare. You become the joke of the day. But the thing is they don’t do it to make you feel bad, it’s just that they don’t understand when to and when not to. So you must get them out of your mind and control your nerves.

I think that’s it the blog is getting too long now. Rest of it will be in part two. If you like it share with others which I know none of you will. But that’s no problem, at least you read till last. I really appreciate that. Thank you for reading this. ๐Ÿ˜Š

The best dream ever!

pexels-photo-280257This morning I had a smile on my face after waking up. Wanna know why continue reading!

Hello everyone welcome to Navin’s-blogs. Thank you for being here for the second time. Last blog had 102 hits all thanks to my friends and fellow blloggers. I hope the same for this one too. (actually I’m afraid it wouldn’t happen๐Ÿ˜…)

I woke up smiling because I had a perfect dream this morning and I thought about sharing it to you guys.ย 

I was on the balcony of my previous home. There was a plane like figure in the sky which I was watching, then suddenly a bigger plane came and captured that plane.

images (8)
It looked something like this

I knew it were aliens. The bigger plane started releasing robots which killed humans on sight.ย images (9).jpg

Captain Levi from the attack on Titan asked me which side you’re on Navin and I replied – I’m on humanities side sir.ย images (10).jpgThen he gave me a vertical maneuvering gear like the one he’s wearing. He went to kill all robots while I protected everyone. After everyone was inside I was going to assist Captain Levi but my brother insisted to come with me. Then we both jumped off the balcony to fight the bots.ย AttackOnTitanF.png

My brother was shot by one of those lasers and then I killed everyone to take his revenge. Half of the human population was destroyed as it was in attack on Titans.

So that was one of the best dreams I’ve had in months.

Thank you for reading. I know I’m stupid and I’ll stop watching too much TV now๐Ÿ˜Œ. If you like it Please send it to your friends and family.

(I know you lazy people won’t but that’s alright, at least you read till last๐Ÿ˜Š)ย 

Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ˜