Types of friends we all have!

friends_forever.jpgGet ready to relate to yourself! 

Hello everyone welcome to Navin’s-blogs. I didn’t get any views on my last blog as expected. No problem coz I don’t think it was worth reading. Sorry to dissapoint you but I’ll  try my level best to make this blog a better one. It’s about types of friends we all have. So let’s start, 

#1 the hidden bestie – We all have this type of friend who is always having fun with you, always teasing you, insulting you in front of others but deep in your heart you know they’re your best friends. When you need them they will be there when you want to discuss something serious they are there for you. You probably gossip about everyone with him only. These friend really respect you from within but they’ll never show it in front of anyone. When you are with them you feel your importance. They knows your secrets like your crush, your habits, everything about your family  and the same goes over them. 

#2 the social butterfly – This type of friend is one of everyone’s favorite kid. He is so social and extroverted that he attracts every other guy around. He’s really good at talking. He’ll make you feel like you’re his best  friend and all. But believe me boy there are a lot like you. When they pick a fight you’re there for them but when you expect them by your side they aren’t there. In an argument all you need is them on your side and you already won the argument. You will never find them alone cuz everyone intends to be with them. If you’re the hidden bestie of this got then you’re really a good friend. 

#3 the unintentional needy – What’s that!  Only you’ve done the homework in the whole class then get ready to meet this friend. Whenever they need you they’re yours best friends. They may be slaughtering your day other times but now they’ll talk like your bestie. A very often trick they use is that when they talk they mention your specialty, your achievements to make you happy. They might even steal you from your true friends. I’ll advice you shouldn’t to be near then but also never refuse to help because that’s what makes you good. Let them shamelessly troll themselves. You know them for what they are. 

#4 the poker face – All groups of boys have this troll face guy who finds a way to turn everything into a joke. While they think they’re just having fun they’re actually being rude! Let’s be real you never wanna be in an argument with this guy. You also don’t want to discuss about yourself with him. Because you know once they start trolling you it’s your nightmare. You become the joke of the day. But the thing is they don’t do it to make you feel bad, it’s just that they don’t understand when to and when not to. So you must get them out of your mind and control your nerves.

I think that’s it the blog is getting too long now. Rest of it will be in part two. If you like it share with others which I know none of you will. But that’s no problem, at least you read till last. I really appreciate that. Thank you for reading this. 😊

The best dream ever!

pexels-photo-280257This morning I had a smile on my face after waking up. Wanna know why continue reading!

Hello everyone welcome to Navin’s-blogs. Thank you for being here for the second time. Last blog had 102 hits all thanks to my friends and fellow blloggers. I hope the same for this one too. (actually I’m afraid it wouldn’t happen😅)

I woke up smiling because I had a perfect dream this morning and I thought about sharing it to you guys. 

I was on the balcony of my previous home. There was a plane like figure in the sky which I was watching, then suddenly a bigger plane came and captured that plane.

images (8)
It looked something like this

I knew it were aliens. The bigger plane started releasing robots which killed humans on sight. images (9).jpg

Captain Levi from the attack on Titan asked me which side you’re on Navin and I replied – I’m on humanities side sir. images (10).jpgThen he gave me a vertical maneuvering gear like the one he’s wearing. He went to kill all robots while I protected everyone. After everyone was inside I was going to assist Captain Levi but my brother insisted to come with me. Then we both jumped off the balcony to fight the bots. AttackOnTitanF.png

My brother was shot by one of those lasers and then I killed everyone to take his revenge. Half of the human population was destroyed as it was in attack on Titans.

So that was one of the best dreams I’ve had in months.

Thank you for reading. I know I’m stupid and I’ll stop watching too much TV now😌. If you like it Please send it to your friends and family.

(I know you lazy people won’t but that’s alright, at least you read till last😊) 

Thank you for reading 😁


My First Blog

Hello everyone welcome to Navin’s-blogs. I’m really happy to have you here. This is my very first blog so I’m pretty much excited about it. This blog will be about the only thing that is worth your time -HAPPINES. 

images (4).jpgThere are over 8.7 million species in the world yet the earth is ruled by only one “Humans”. So you can’t say you’re not lucky! If you’re a healthy person and do all your work on your own then you can say you’re luckier than one-tenth of human population. If you belong to a well to do family which can afford you good food, education, and healthcare then you have a plenty of reasons to be happy about. Just think of all those who don’t even get that much.

Let’s talk straight now. Why do you think you study or earn money? Like, what is your ultimate reason behind all of your hard work? Is it just to have more problems in our short life?  No it isn’t you study so that you can earn and you earn to enjoy your life. There is no person who never faced a challenging situation but some people manage to pass it smiling and others just pass that time weeping. 

Most of you might have noticed that there are some people who are always smiling. They may get less marks in their test, may have picked a fight with someone or anything but they are always joyful. That’s because they know that just thinking about a problem and having tension over it won’t solve anything. So they just wait for the good times to come. 

So those were the ideas which I had on happiness. Actually I had a lot more but I’m still learning about how to write in a better way. After all blogging is all about expressing yourself in a appreciable way. If you have suggestions on anything about my website I’d like to hear it. 

Also I dont have a domain name of my own so it’s not very easy to find this page without the link so if you like it please share with your friends and family. If you feel something missing just wait there’s better articles to come. 

Thank you very much for reading😊